onsdagen den 23:e april 2014


Found this new preset in photobooth called "plastic phone".
Not sure if I agree with that but it's still quite nice, a bit sepia rustic.
Got stood up from lunch so might just go to the mall in search of something new to add to 
my not-so-empty closet.

tisdagen den 22:e april 2014


Could be one of the best possible addictions in life don't you agree?

Cheese&Wine night at The Ivy shot last week. 

torsdagen den 17:e april 2014

Noodle House Dubai

Thought this week was gonna be really quiet, which was good in one way since I'm sick and need to rest&recover asap.
But then the shoots just rambled in and I've been working everyday.
Did this shoot for Noodle House the other day, luckily super easy and short!
But tomorrow will be a whole other story: 10 hour wedding in Bahrain. 

Happy weekend to you all! 

tisdagen den 8:e april 2014


No I didn't dissapear in the South African wilderness!
Just been extremely busy being back in Dubai with moving, work, tanning and trying all the new restaurants on The Beach (a new mall of course).

lördagen den 8:e mars 2014

torsdagen den 6:e mars 2014

Vacation Countdown

Yes a little bit messy, dirty, tired but happy because we can now officially start counting down for the BIG BIG HOLIDAY!
I've been so busy I haven't had time to get excited or think about it but I'm now mentally packing and planning which movies I'm gonna watch on the 8 hour flight.
Only 3 days left.

onsdagen den 5:e mars 2014


Out driving on a mission to take some community shots of JLT for a friend of mine.
Not the best idea to take photos while driving but as you can see the roads were very clear.
Here is when an assistant comes in handy,
anyone willing to work for the good of the arts?